Post Office launches new money brand

The Post Office has announced a new brand which will place all of its financial products under one umbrella.

Post Office Money will combine its current accounts, mortgages, savings, travel insurance and foreign currencies under one brand, in a bid to become a financial challenger in the UK.

The financial provider recently extended its opening hours and opened 2,500 of its branches on Sundays.

Director of Financial Services at Post Office Money, Nick Kennett said: “We will have further product announcements coming shortly but overall we hope the new brand will ensure that Post Office Money is recognised by customers who wouldn’t normally consider us for their financial products.

“Through the new Post Office Money brand we want to become people’s first choice when thinking about a mortgage, credit card or a safe haven for their savings.”

Customers can speak to mortgage advisers across 100 Post Office branches and current accounts can be opened in 239 locations.

The brand has emerged shortly after the government said it wanted competitors to begin challenging giant banks in the UK.

In recent months, major banks including Lloyds Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland have been closing branches around the country as more customers begin to access their accounts online.

Business secretary Vince Cable will meet with banks tomorrow (Tuesday 26 January 2014) to ensure customers are not being left without services due to bank closures.

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Source: This is Money 

Naomi Havergal
Monday 26th January 2015

Category: BankingMoney

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