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When you’re looking to borrow a lump sum, it’s best to look around and see who is offering the most attractive interest rates.  With lower interest, you are paying off less over time, so take a look at our comparison table of results to see some of the best deals on loans from top UK banks and financial service providers.

Compare Loans with Easy Compare

A loan can help to pay off separate debts, giving you a single monthly amount payable at one interest rate, or it can help to pay for something which you can’t afford upfront.  Whatever your reason for wanting to borrow money, there is a range of loan options from reputable lenders, and some attractive offers on APR.

There is never an upfront guarantee of acceptance for borrowing on a deal you see advertised.  Your personal credit core helps to define whether you can take the offer; those with a proven and excellent history of borrowing and repaying should have a very positive credit score, and this makes it easier for them to get accepted for the more appealing offers on loans.

A bad credit rating will certainly limit your options, so if you have a poor history of paying off debt then it is very unlikely you’ll be accepted for the best offers on borrowing.  Your personal circumstances, such as income, are also taken into consideration.

Easy Compare compiles some of the most popular offers on loans from UK lenders, and you can apply by clicking the link.  You can compare details, such as potential loan amount, representative APR and loan duration, and then once you’ve chosen you can start the application process.  You may receive the decision today, or be required to provide further documents, as is standard practice with borrowing in the UK.

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