No matter what kind of insurance you are looking for, EasyCompare can help you find the best deal from a top UK cover provider.  We make sure you can find all the details you need, before settling on an offer and getting your quick quote.  Here you can look at different insurance types, and compare some of the latest deals and offers.

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Easy Compare is here to make insurance comparison simpler, quicker and more effective for you.  We have carefully designed our site so it’s user-friendly, and offers a clear, original way to compare insurance providers and products.  Searching through individual offers from insurers can be tiresome, tedious and time-consuming, but with Easy Compare, all the hard work is done for you.

We give you a mix of recommended providers, as well as easy options to compare deals and offers.  You’ll always find different online discounts and incentives, and choosing between them can be difficult, when all you really want is a good deal on reliable cover.  Our table of results gives you everything you need to know, including key benefits and details, and a quick link to get the policy set up direct with the provider.

We also break down each insurance type, so you can search specific forms of cover and see what’s available.  We have a range of deals on car insurance, so you can look at deals for third party, fire and theft or comprehensive, and may providers will give you the option of extras.

If you’re looking for home insurance, we have compiled offers from many of the leading providers, and you can find combined buildings and contents cover, or choose just one if that better suits your requirements.

Those searching for pet insurance cover can find great peace of mind in one of the policies offered by the providers we compare, and there are different levels to choose from so you have a better chance of coming across a plan which ticks all the boxes.

The options for life cover are extensive, but we aim to get you started on a sure footing by delivering the key benefits and information about top providers and popular plans.

For travel insurance, we have looked at some of the most comprehensive, value for money options available, and you can use our advanced comparison engine to see the plans, as well as any exclusive online deals, from the various providers.

We also help you compare specialist, niche insurance types too, including motorbike, van and caravan.  There are a lot or providers competing to give you a good deal, and we can make it easier to find the ideal choice.

Easy Compare is dedicated to delivering honest, accurate and unbiased comparison, so you can make an informed, confident choice about your new insurance provider and policy.

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