Stop your car insurance premiums from rising

Claiming on your car insurance can be stressful and see your premiums increase on your next renewal.

Whether you’ve misplaced your car keys or claiming for repairs on your vehicle, these factors can affect your no claims bonus, therefore driving your premiums up.

Check your finances before claiming on your insurance

Can you afford to pay for repairs? Check your finances and see if you can fund for any minor repairs to your vehicle, without contacting your insurer.

Of course, in an unfortunate event where repairs are going to be expensive, your insurer will be able to help you financially.

Always have a spare set of car keys

We’ve all been there before where we have locked ourselves out of our own car and the keys are still inside.

These days most new cars come with an extra set of keys, giving you extra security when they’re lost or when you’ve locked yourself out.

Some insurers offer cover for lost, stolen and damaged car keys, but this again can come back to haunt you when you come to renewing your policy.

Keep a set in a safe place, so you can avoid claiming on your insurance to retrieve your primary keys.

Be a model driver

Being a model driver means you stick to the speed limits, indicate when necessary, keep a fair distance away from the driver in front and not get a serious case of road rage.

If you disobey the laws of driving on UK roads, you could find yourself involved in an accident or stopped by police for dangerous driving.

In an accident, insurance details are swapped and if you were the one who caused the collision with the other motorist, your no claims bonus will no longer be valid. As a result of this, your car insurance premiums will rise significantly. This is one of the biggest factors that lead to higher policy quotes, but if you stick to the rules of the road, you can most likely avoid this situation.

Penalty points on your driving licence are also a big deal when it comes to your car insurance. If you’re stopped by police for a driving offence, such as speeding or dangerous driving, you may be issued with points against your name. When it comes to renewing your insurance, you are required to declare any criminal driving convictions and points.

Invest in a dashboard camera

Many car insurance providers are offering a discount on quotes* if you have a dashboard camera installed in your vehicle.

This piece of useful technology records your journey, which can be used as evidence if you’re involved in a collision with another driver. It can flag up any foul play committed by the other motorist, especially if you suspect fraudulent activity has taken place.

These cameras can be priced between £20 and £300, but may be worth an investment if you want a discount on your next renewal.

Shop around for your next policy

Even if you haven’t claimed on your insurance, but your insurer automatically renews your policy, you could be missing out on huge savings.

Every year, insurers make changes to what they offer on their policies; therefore take some time to research what each provider offers before automatically renewing.

Compare car insurance services and providers to find the right cover for you. 

*How a dashboard camera could make your car insurance cheaper

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