Compare Current Accounts

There is a range of great current accounts available to UK customers, with plenty of extra benefits giving greater value, as well as attractive rates on in-credit balances and overdraft facilities.  Browse some of the latest offers on current accounts with EasyCompare using our detailed, quick comparison table of results. 

Compare Current Accounts with Easy Compare

Current accounts can be more than just a place to pay in your earnings and pay out your direct debits.  Plenty of banks offer current accounts designed to offer a little more, with additional benefits included, and beneficial rates on an agreed overdraft amount.

You can choose from a range of current accounts, and you’ll find that they vary greatly in terms of the incentives and inclusive benefits.  Some might include European travel insurance, whilst others could offer breakdown cover.  There could also be card protection, mobile phone insurance and even cashback included, so there are a few options to consider.

It’s important to consider the overdraft rate, which can differ a lot between providers, and then there may be a usage fee for the overdraft as well.  If the overdraft is a key element of the current account in your case, then make sure you are getting the best overall deal which offers the most value.

You can expect a small charge for the current account, because it is offering a lot more than your basic bank account.  There may also be interest paid to you for an in-credit balance, so it’s worth checking for this offer.

Easy Compare collates many of the best and most popular current accounts, and provides an unbiased, accurate comparison table of results.  You can use this to browse deals, and get your new account set up directly with the provider.

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