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A credit card can help to make monthly costs easier, or give you the chance to pay for something upfront and spread mini-payments over time to cover the price. Getting a good interest rate on your credit card means you pay back less, and with EasyCompare you can browse some of the latest and best offers from UK providers.

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Credit cards provide a way to temporarily borrow cash to cover expenses, and you can pay off any amount owing in monthly instalments.  They give you a little more room financially, and whilst you should not rely on them to cover your monthly costs, credit cards are ideal in situations where this isn’t quite enough money available upfront for something.

The most attractive credit card deals offer 0% on purchases over an extensive period of time.  This means that you don’t pay anything extra on top of the amount borrowed, and should your borrowing continue outside this period, then the lender gives you a competitive rate of interest for the remaining amount and future purchases.

There are also deals which offer 0% on balance transfers, meaning that you can take an amount owing on an existing credit card, and have the interest removed by switching that amount to a new lender.  There is often a fee for this, but it is a great way to maintain 0% on your borrowing, until you pay it all off.

The deals available to you will depend greatly on your credit score and status, so if you have an excellent history of paying off debts, then the better deals should be open to you.  If you history is poor, then you are more likely to be offered alternative credit cards with a higher interest rate, meaning you pay back more over time.

It’s important to choose wisely, and making too many applications can negatively affect your credit score.  With Easy Compare you can carefully select a credit card offer, and click the relevant link to apply directly with the provider.

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